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My experience at the 2017 Children’s day celebration- By @Maryama_gold

By September 24, 2017 No Comments
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Maryam Lawal  on her Instagram @maryama_gold reflects on her exprience at Children’s Day celebration organised by Hopefield Network

Children are blessings that shine throughout the world, and they are  gifts to be unraveled. You will never know what lies behind the wrapping paper until you remove it. However, they are different from normal gifts. What you get is what you mold.

On the 27th of May,  we journeyed to A.U.D Government Elementary school, Osogbo. I found myself in the midst of  these younger faces, hearts and minds. My journey  was with Hopefield Network. In fact, without them, there would have been no journey at all. I salute their preparation, passion and  positive attitude. I volunteered with Girlhubafrica to contribute to the success of the day. We slayed!

Yet, amidst the fun, happiness, encouragement and reaching out, more still needs to be done. Nigeria is a great country, but how much greater she would be depends on us and become one of the greatest societies is not far fetched as it lies in its offspring- the children.

Therefore, I call out to every parent, especially the mothers. you have the most important role to play. You are their first of everything. Please, be their reason to succeed. Even if you never went to school nor finished, you can still be there for your child. Always remember that their success is your success.

Encourage, inspire, motivate, follow up and discipline them. All these do not need a certain level of education. Above all, build a positive attitude towards them at all times as their teachers cannot do it all alone.

Dear Teachers, we need you to be more enthusiastic. We need Teachers who would  teach to impact, not because they cannot  get a better job and teaching is the last resort, but because they have a passion for it. Even if it is, find passion in what you do and are being paid for. Remember your children would also be taught.

Apart from my mother, I met a very passionate and enthusiastic mother and teacher today. I could see this through her demeanor without even talking to her. In my mind right there, I prayed for her and her children.

With all these, we need little to make children ready and open minded, to face the bigger world ahead of them, to make big things out of themselves and the society they live in.

Our government, I do not forget you. After seeing A.U.D elementary school Osogbo today, I feel better about Governor Aregbesola. The school depicts a perfect learning environment for kids. Trust me, I was a bit jealous of them when I saw the school.

Children!  The future of our nation lies in their hands.The future of our future lies at their feet. Lets prepare them to lift it into their hands and not match on it.

Because of them, Nigeria must change and become better. We want the change to come through us, but we would not be forever young. We would leave someday. When we leave, which legacy would we leave behind? This is a food for thought that we need to reflect upon.

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