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Hopefield Network is a brand that works in collaboration with individuals and organisations with focus on engaging and developing the potentials of primary school pupils of across Nigeria.
The Annual Children’s Day Program (“the Program”) comes up on May 27 every year, to commemorate the day set aside by the United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF). Our target group is primary school pupils between the ages of 6 and12. The Spelling Bee event was introduced in the Program in 2017 with positive feedback. This therefore requests your support and sponsorship as outlined later in this document.

Executive Summary
The Nigerian population is estimated at 193 million in 2017 and 60% of this population is less than 45 years old. The United Nations’ projection is that by 2030, Africa will be home to the youngest population in the world and 50% of Nigeria’s 300 million population will be below 20 years old. Unfortunately, according to the Federal Ministry of Education, 10.3 million out of 20 million of the world’s out-of-school children are in Nigeria.
The Foundation for Leadership, Good Citizenship and Community Development (an NGO- CAC/IT/NO104428) has recognised this opportunity and we are committed to contributing to develop this sector. Hopefield Network is an initiative under our foundation designed to identify opportunities in the education sector and proffer solutions which will involve private and government participation.

2016 Annual Children’s Day Program
This edition was held at Local Authority Primary School, Ajebamidele town along Ibadan-Ile-Ife road and 1160 pupils of the school were in attendance. The event featured donation of school kits such as bags, socks, sandals, writing materials. The pupils were also engaged in academic and career discussions as well as sports and games.

2017 Annual Children’s Day Program
The second edition of this program took place at AUD Government Elementary School, Isale Osun, Osogbo with 2,240 pupils in attendance. At this event, we improved on our previous edition by incorporating more fun activities for the pupils. The activities include sports, cultural dance and display, spelling bee competition.
We went further to also train the teachers on basic education content delivery. Highlight of the program include donations of school materials to pupils and school management and the winner of spelling bee went home with a scholarship to university level.
The full report of our activities was presented to the Government of Osun State through the Senior Special Adviser to the governor on Sustainable Development Goals.

2018 Annual Children’s Day Program -Expected Results
Our expectation this year is to reach 2 community schools and 5,000 pupils with school materials, kits and offer scholarship to winners of the Spelling Bee. We also intend to donate comprehensive training packages for all teachers in the schools we visit.

The Importance of Spelling BEE

The participation of a child in a spelling bee competition can result in several benefits not only for the child involved but for the family, the school and the community. The spelling bee not only provides a valuable educational experience for the child, but also allows them to engage in healthy competition where winning is not everything. There are many other benefits from this fun activity:

Learning Grammar
Spelling bees do not merely involve rote learning of words. Rather, preparation for a bee is a comprehensive learning process that allows children to learn the definition, pronunciation and roots of the word.

Enhancing Vocabulary
The valuable learning outcome of spelling bee results in the children gaining competency in vocabulary and this allows them to excel at reading and writing. The ability to understand more words will allow children to become literate and enjoy reading an extensive range of material.

Competitive Spirit
Spelling bees allow individuals to compete in a supportive environment. The brain activity and excitement that goes with a spelling bee is just as stimulating as a physical competition, which means that the whole competition can pump up the adrenaline of the contestants and the audience alike. A friendly rivalry is created and students are encouraged to interact with fellow participants and cultivate friendships.

Greater Knowledge
Learning words can get students interested in tracing the origin of a word and its etymology. This information will greatly enhance the knowledge base of a child, even at a very young age, and motivate them to develop a keen interest in learning new words.

Cognitive Skills
The spelling bee will allow the child to develop a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. The learning process accompanying the spelling bee is likely to enhance a child’s memory and allow the child to develop better learning skills, which can prove to be highly beneficial during higher education.

A child’s confidence level is usually boosted after entering into such competitions. A spelling bee helps them gain the confidence they need to speak in public and accept their mistakes, while also getting the applause their hard work deserves.


We plan to conduct the spelling bee across the South West of Nigeria this year, mainly in the major cities and towns in every state. Our target this year is 20-30 schools. Please see our execution plan below;

Teachers Envisioning
This is the first phase. It will bring together all the contact teachers and heads of various schools across major cities that have committed to participate in this year’s event. At this event, we shall have an opportunity to share about the Spelling Bee in depth with the teachers, explaining why we are conducting the Spelling Bee, the impact it will have and how it should be carried out in schools. We shall also introduce materials to be used including the words children will spell and share with them the rules of engagement. The teachers will be encouraged to form Reading Clubs in schools where children will be able to participate and get to represent their houses and school.
This is a good opportunity for your company to be involved, create rapport and share your brand values and mission with the teachers. There will be an opportunity for a representative to speak.

Press Launch
We will hold a press conference to kick off this year’s Spelling Bee. This will be our opportunity to unveil Spelling Bee 2018 officially to the public and introduce our sponsors and partners. It will be a great opportunity for a senior staff to represent your company and speak about why you are involved as a presenting Sponsor. Media Interviews and a mass media campaign including adverts and mentions in the mainstream media and the social media will follow this. The Media buzz will go on until the end of the entire Spelling Bee season

School Spelling Day
This is the first real Spelling Event. There will be several events happening across the region within participating schools. The schools will invite parents and pupils will compete to spell in teams of 3 pupils each. The best three spellers will make the school team.

State Spelling Day
The Inter- School Spelling Day will bring together schools to compete and make the state champion.

The Championship
The Championship will have the state champions competing with each other for the ultimate prize. All the pupils who had participated in the championship from the school level will be invited and will get some of their awards at this event.

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